pavispanel released!

pavispanel is an applet for gnome panel that displays a visualization for sound that plays through Pulse Audio(comes default with most Linux distros). This is my first C/C++ GUI program in Linux! yay! And it works.
The tar ball includes the Makefile for the project, use ‘make’ to compile the project and ‘make install’ to install the Applet. There is a binary that I’ve compiled as a last resort for those who don’t like to go through the hassle to download the dependencies, I compiled it on Ubuntu 9.10 so it’ll work on most Ubuntu systems without a compile, but I can’t guarantee. It ran on a Fedora system too.
Try it and post comments,

Everybody loves videos,

How to install

1. Extract the tar.gz file
2. Get in to the pavispanel directory(in a terminal) type ‘make install’ to install the binary file supplied or type ‘make’ and then ‘make install’ to compile and install(make sure you have the dependencies, take a look at the Makefile to figure out what are the dependencies)
3. Right click on the panel and select add to panel then add “Pulse Audio Visualization Panel Applet”..too long isn’t it!
4. It should be working now! play some MUSIC! and of cause you have to have Pulse Audio(which is the default in most Linux distros)


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