ChillaxCPU: CPU Switching Script

This script turns off your CPUs while you are not needing them(CPUs denotes any kind of a processing unit that is identified as a CPU by the Linux kernel(cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep “processor” gives you a list of all CPUs). This is specially beneficial¬†for Intel i-series processors since they have a lot of cores and all of them run all the time. You can save power and reduce temperature. For some applications that use¬†concurrency effectively this won’t reduce the temperature, it’ll make it go up; since one CPU is doing all the concurrent work, to get around this most of the time(if the computer isn’t in super idle, e.g. not even playing a MP3) then it’ll have two cores on most of the time.

Note: It’s recommended to use this script for machines that have 3 or more CPUs, it’ll affect CPU performance and temperature in a bad way than a good way if you use this on a 2 CPU system.

ONLY FOR LINUX, you can do the equivalent in Windows by restarting the system every time you switch CPUs(:P).



Expression Calculator

This calculator is much simpler and faster than other stuff I’ve done(I didn’t know of infix,postfix notations those days!). This one just uses a simple stack based approach. It supports any real number not just integers.

Here’s the link.

Nautilus Dropbox Public URL script

I found that my version of nautilus 3 fails to run,

1. The dropbox extension that they provide(right click file and to select, “copy public link”)

2. Any python extension to nautilus 3.


Rants doesn’t work, no one actually listens. The best way around is to do something about it. Here’s the code,

#! /bin/bash
zenity --info --text="$s"

Save that as ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ and make it executable. Now you’ll be able to use it to get the public URL for a dropbox public file. Nautilus 3 seems to have deprecated everything!