Me Spectrumsta!

Again, a spectrum? Yes, why not?! This time it’s done (as to my knowledge, which just grew exponentially today) correct, using a DFT. The previous spectrum used a continous Fourier Transform which kept repeating frequencies! If you test it for frequencies around 16KHz it’d show two bars in two places. The worst thing was that I thought I could be fixed using the normal Fourier Transform(my knowledge of FT is entirely, ad-hoc!). Then I looked at DFT on Wikipedia, realizing that it couldn’t be easily fixed as I thought. And there I see the images illustrating the EXACT same thing! Yay. (Re)implementation time! I redid the spectrum using DFT, and it is still not FFT. Thus, why I didn’t use the word before, it’d be misleading if I use it to describe this project.

This new version has a good frequency response, for frequencies which can be heard 20Hz-20KHz.

So, “Ba Dum Tiss”, here’s the 20Hz to 20KHz “sweep” and some random parts of Paul Van Dyk feat. Michelle Leonard – Lost In Berlin.

And the source.



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