Unix toolset for Windows

If you need a Unix toolset on Windows install these packages on Windows and you’ll be having a Unix toolset and a more Unixy environment for Free!(most tools listed are FOSS ones)


Needs no introduction, you know what it does. Just make sure you get “mingw-get” or its GUI installer it’s a hell of a deal that does the installation of MinGW in package manager style(the biggest thing you’ll ever miss when building stuff with dependencies you don’t even have a clue how to build successfully). It doesn’t include pkg-config, you can find a build for Windows if you know how to use google. I’ve tried to install zsh on MinGW some headers were lacking and adding cygwin’s version didn’t solve anything because it can’t make use of MinGW style paths.


Best alternative with split console windows.

Dr Memory

Valgrind like memory debugger for Windows(more goodies here).


Bind a hotkey to console, we just need so many consoles.

qtcreator with cmake

You don’t need the Qt libraries if you aren’t going do a Qt project, but you can still use qtcreator, with cmake or make. You can link MinGW install to qtcreator with relative ease. And its best to make cmake from source and have it in MinGW other than having it installed on Windows, this makes cmake find the dependencies from MinGW distro.


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