C++ Utilities

cpputil.h and cpputil.cpp include commonly used routines that are not(yet) present in C++ Standard. This library intends to serve multiple uses including,

  • Reduce the times that you have to include big fat libraries and libraries that are royal pains to link properly to your project just to use some trivial functions that you can’t bother with to write yourself.
  • Extend std namespace so that everything just plugs in to the existing standard, and use standard structures and styles(up to a certain extent).
  • Add all kinds of functionalities ranging from graph algorithms, string maniputions…etc.
  • Keep all of the code in Public Domain, because a utility library needs to be so.
  • There is no versioning at all, the git repo’s code will always be stable(if not fix it and drop me a mail!).

Development happens at: https://github.com/manushanga/cpplib


  • String manipulation functions
  • FORI, FORUI, FOREACH definces that eases usage  and readability of STL container iteration.
  • Graph algorithms
    • Kruskal MST
    • Dijkstra Shortest Path
    • Bellmanford Shortest Path
  • General Algorithms
    • Longest Common Subsequence




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