Multi Axel

Install axel first!

Multi Axel is an open source graphical frontend(GUI) to axel which can manage multiple axel processes concurrently, so you can download while you download! The binary packages below would not reflect every change that is done to the source but they’ll be updated when major features/bug fixes are added. All are welcome to contribute! If you want to get Multi Axel to support another POSIX OS, please refer to the README.

It all happens at:

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Note: Images may not be up to date with the project, hell I can’t keep on getting print screens for every commit!


2012/07/14 :

  • Last bug shown on valgrind fixed!

2012/07/08 :

  • Major bugs fixed by through running through valgrind, there is still a bug that shows up in valgrind that I couldn’t figure out how to fix. But seems its not that severe, it’d be fixed soon.

2012/07/01 :

  • Bug fixes
  • CPU usage lowered
  • axel -H support! now you can use cookies, just run multi-axel URL [-n <MaxNoOfConnections>][-s <MaxSpeed>][-H <CookieStuff>]
  • New status: “Starting”, now you know when axel is starting the download rather than “Paused” while axel is starting the download.

Binary packages

Architecture Tar
x86_64 Download (14/07/2012)
x86 Download (14/07/2012)

These packages only supply the binary files for now, it’ll be installed at /usr/bin/multi-axel you’ll be able to run it through Flashgot(Firefox addon for download managers). Add a new downloader to Flashgot by specifiying the name as multi-axel and make the invoke field be “[URL]”. And multi-axel will take care of the rest, some file sharing sites are known not to work this way, support is being planned.

Some distros notably Ubuntu will give you “No such file or directory”, run the following command if so. If the following command results in an error, make sure the glibc should be linked as /lib/ in order for multi-axel to work.

sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/  /lib/

3 thoughts on “Multi Axel

  1. love this app, but i have a problem, hope you can help me…
    first time launch this app, it run smoothly but after i close this app and launch it again i got this error
    “sni-qt/5770” WARN  16:52:37.588 void StatusNotifierItemFactory::connectToSnw() Invalid interface to SNW_SERVICE Another instance detected.

    • I dont think it exits after that, you might not have a notifier icon area in your desktop. I designed this to be used with KDE..etc(being Qt and all) but you can use it with other desktops. Just ignore the error if the program does not crash as far as I can see from the message its a WARN usually programs dont crash on WARNs 🙂


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