Realtime Singlish

Realtime Singlish is a free, highly customizable transliteration software. All you should do is to type according to the scheme that is provided. Main features

  • Singlish to sinhala Unicode text in realtime(directly sends Unicode characters to the currently active application through Windows API, no copy and paste needed!).
  • Releases all standard smilies so you can chat in Sinhala, without any hassle!
  • Features a helper that will show you what the Unmatches for what you are typing.
  • Highly customizable singlish to sinhala scheme.
  • Support for every application that runs on MS Windows(you may need to shift to Clipboard output Engine)
  • Cross platform! work on any operating system of your choice, including almost any kind of Unix like operating systems that is supported by m17n-lib.

And more! ….. RSinglish is currently available for following platforms,

Windows 2000+ Download (Thanks to Google Sites) Note For Win XP/ Win 2000 users : If you don’t have the sinhala pack from, download and install it. The IME programs packaged with it doesn’t need to be running in order to use rsinglish, it’s recommended to shut down those applications while you are running rsinglish.
Linux (Any distro) Notes Download For newer versions for m17n-lib(i.e. in Ubuntu 12.04 and higher or if you upgrade) si-singlish.mim is shipped by default. Run RSinglish on Wine
Mac OS X 10.4 and higher Instructions MacUIM with m17n-lib

Flattr this E-Swabhimani Special Merit Winner Note to MS Word users : The joined letters would not work in Word(e.g. අධ්‍යාපනය). This is not a bug that can be fixed by me(as of what I know of the mysterious world of MS APIs!). But there is a workaround, which is to type it in notepad..etc and copy and paste it on to word.

FIX: IO Error: Since no one ever goes through Read Me thoroughly I link it here.

Read Me


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