A solution for a 2 year old problem

Problem: I have an Asus K42Jc notebook that was bought from Thailand, it has a disease: it can’t live on power supplied directly by the adapter for more than a few minutes(it freezes after that!). I have taken it to Asus dealers in Sri Lanka(EPSI) numerous times and they always said they replaced the motherboard/CPU ..etc and now there’s nothing to worry about. Well after about 2 weeks it always comes back! And shortens the time taken for the first freeze after first boot. Then comes the replacement request, and they say you have to write a letter to Asus personally stating this matter requesting a replacement(it was not bought from here so they don’t offer replacements; “Thank you Asus!”).

No, I don’t know how to write letters.(to Asus?)

Solution: After searching, and searching for months I got to know that this was in fact a major issue in Asus notebooks and people have gotten replacements, unluckily I had to write a damn letter! The issue for them was that when they were on battery power the notebooks got frozen, mine had the opposite(relatively different, Hah!). It was when on power adapter that mine got frozen! I ran some tests on battery, it went on working well on the battery but when on power it never lasted even 15 minutes.

Its time to fool the machine! I thought of giving a regulated power supply through the battery’s own circuit in to the notebook. This won’t be possible on most notebook battery circuits but this one co-operated to some extent. After a few tries I got the regulator working, but I only supplied the main power(10.8V at ~3A) from the regulator. Other power needs(for the battery circuit to run) will be fulfilled in the future.

I do acknowledge the video is blurry.
The regulator goes to 118 ‘C which is very nice to touch, as I learnt the hard way. As soon as that’s under control I can run it on 100% AC power. The cells are needed for the starting though, that needs to be rectified too, may be a big capacitor might do.

Special Thanks,

Mr. Gamage – A teacher who taught me electronics for GCE O.L.

Mr. D. L. Weerawarne – For the practical course in Electronics at University.

Asus – A big ******* Thank You! to you guys over there doing such a beautiful job and for the request of a letter.

UPDATE: Even the battery started giving the same problem, currently sent to repair (not to Asus).

UPDATE: The laptop wasa repaired and this is a common problem, the problem has been in the nVidia chip and seems it was damaged by the heat. If you have a similar problem take to an informed repair person and yes Asus themselves might be clueless on it!