File merger/splitter for all platforms

This piece of code only depends on C standard libraries. It’ll merge those movies that have been chopped by some splitter in order to get it to up-loadable size, if you download stuff from file sharing sites you may have encountered such files. And this will also split files. I found some programs/apps that get the job done but they lacked simplicity, so I made this one well it’s kinda simple for a person who knows C’s printf syntax. For others there’s a help included compile it and run it without any arguments or give ‘-help’ as an argument(without ‘) and it’ll display the help for you. It can do both merging and splitting and both is done through buffered file reading. Be warned that it doesn’t show the progress while doing stuff, so you have to wait until the program closes..after doing it’s stuff. It doesn’t take much time I got a 450mb movie (5 parts) in less than a minute.

Link to source