Fix ibus unprocessed keys bug on 11.10

All Oneiric users are having an ibus bug that does not let them to use any plug-in for ibus to work properly(unprocessed keys such as spaces get added to the text before the converted text). Seems it was introduced with Unity, but it is not just Unity. I am not using Unity(Kubuntu+gnome-shell), but I was affected by this bug as long as I had 11.10 installed! Now finally a fix has arrived but its not in the repositories yet(or I failed to find any). You’ll have to compile from source, hurray!

You don’t need to git clone, you can download it in zip format. And happy compile time!

Compile notes

1. It’ll ask for gtk-doc, which I did not find in the repos. This one is a documentation generation tool but the package that’s in Ubuntu repo is just documentation about gtk+; no use in that just download the source and compile it.

2. I was not able to run ibus-setup after installing, it crashed giving a stack trace! Well I don’t like to patch around problems but hey I just want to type some Sinhala, so I just patched it with,

<problematic code>

Make sure you have the indentation correct using tabs.

More information is available on the bug reports,