Iterative search for Quodlibet



I’ve been working on some Quodlibet code recently, and here’s the patch. And for people who don’t know how to patch, here’s my version(patched) of; you should put it in quodlibet/browsers (you should replace the existing one). I’m not going to explain it more since the above images speak for themselves. This will be much useful for those who have Portable MP3 Players, who need to copy some number of GBs of┬átheir favorite songs at the moment. QL’s already existing impressive search only lacked an iterative list, and I implemented it! Feels good!

PS: I developed a Pidgin IM status updater for Quodlibet too(most of the credit should go to the Pidgin Wiki contributors). Add this file to your /home/username/.quodlibet/plugins directory