Implemented features

  • All custom audio graph – uses none of Android’s native integer arithmetic processing for audio. Upon output the floating point PCM data is converted to signed 16 bit (hopefully 24bit in the future for supported devices) and copied to OpenSLES buffer.
  • 17 Band Equalizer (Shibatch Super Equalizer) with individual VU meters for each band
  • Multiple resampling interpolators to select from (linear, cubic, sinc …)
  • Gap-less playback

Coming soon

  • 24bit/32bit playback on supported devices

Device Requirements

  • SSE2 or higher for x86 devices
  • NEON support for ARM devices (armv6, armv7 and aarch64)

Get it on Google Play


13 thoughts on “Vrok

    • It is the visualizer that is not working(I removed it due a threading error, will fix it when I get some time). FX=Equalizer 🙂

    • You have downloaded the binary for the wrong architecture, try using 32bit one. And do not try to run it from a partition that is not Unix(fat32/ntfs..etc) they dont support Unix style permissions


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